how to select a particular partition?

I am currently running windows and I would like to dual boot with OpenSuse.
I have three partition on one of which I have installed windows. The second one contains documents and the 3rd has nothing on it although it is formatted as an NTFS partition. The label of the blank partition is C:

When I am installing open suse how do I make open suse install on the C: partition and not use any space on the other two partition?

If I have to do some manual configuration I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a step by step set of instructions

The easiest way is to delete the partition and point the installer to the fee space.


You can either override the installer manually, or delete the partition so that it will not be seen as a Windows partition and therefore fair game for use by Linux. For the latter, a live CD like gparted can do the job. For the former, I’m sure there’s a tute somewhere on the wiki, or just have a go at the partitioner GUI, it won’t write any changes until you commit. In fact it might even automatically pick partition 3 who knows and all that worrying was for nothing.

Where is the option to install SUSE on the unused space? (I haven’t deleted the partition yet)

This usually happens automatically when the installer detects unused space, i.e. not in any partition. If not, you can go into manual mode.

thanks. I’ll give it a try and post back here

You can delete the partition in XP (if you have pro version) right click on my computer choose mange > disk management select the partition and delete it