How to see lyrics embbed on id3?

Hi. I have hundreds of mp3 files with lyrics embbed in the id3 tags that I use to practice singing. Formerly I played them in jetaudio via wine to see the lyrics. However after I upgraded wine and its components to the latest versions in opensuse/emulators/wine repos jetaudio shows only the lyric of the first played song. The lyrics of the first song I play appear and when the next song in the playlist comes the lyrics of the previous one remain on the screen.
I googled about lyrics in id3 on linux and all I found was a script for amarok in this link Lyrics ID3
It would be very nice for me because amarok plays most audio formats and it’s my default audio player! However it needs to be compiled and I don’t know how to do it. Some depedencies listed on the page of the link don’t even exist in opensuse repos. I don’t know what programs I need to compile, what commands I use and how to activate it.
Can anyone help to compile and run this script? If not, can you help me find another application for opensuse that displays id3 lyrics or at least make jetaudio lyric viewer run correctly on wine?