How to Search?

I am new to the openSUSE forums, and I must be doing something wrong.

I would like to search for all forum topics with the tag, ‘LEAP 42.2’, in the English language forums, from one week ago and newer, and sort in descending date order from newest to oldest.

I just cannot get the advanced search to do this. Even just searching for the tag, ‘LEAP 42.2’ with the url, does not bring up all the topics with this tag. Is the forum search broken, or am I doing something wrong?


Perhaps you made the same mistake I initially did, which was not using the ‘Search Single Content Type’. There you can specify the version prefix explicitly.

For reference, I got the following results for a week of Leap 42.2 posts…

Or you can simply use google or some other search engine feature to search particular site. For example: what you want to search for