How to search through multiple PDFs in KDE without acroread?

Is it possible to do the following without using the Adobe reader?

Adobe Reader (acroread) has a nice search feature that allows to search for strings inside all .pdf files in certain directories (e.g. show me all lines containing the word “recursion” in all PDF files in or below directory “/papers”, which gives you a neat clickable list and the sentence for each hit).

I much prefer Okular for viewing PDFs, but I am at a loss on how to duplicate the above feature without acroread under linux. The KDE FindFile apparently does not search inside PDFs, or at least not in an intelligible way. I do have Nepomuk running, hogging resources, but I don’t understand how to query it - if this is possible at all. So what can I do besides using acroread?

I do not know if you will like it, I use recoll for indexed search. I prefer
it much to nepomuk/strigi.
Otherwise what stops you from using acroread?

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