How to save patches & updated rpms?

Hi everyone

I am a newbie… so I hope you would excuse any stupid questions :slight_smile:

I am running openSUSE 11.1 (kde 4.1 desktop & default kernel). I was fiddling around with yeast & it just downloaded & installed a million patches (took about 3 to 4 hours); but I can’t figure out where are these patches being stored on my disk!! you see, I am on a narrow-band INTERNET connection, so if I decide to reinstall SUSE, I am going to have to go through this process of updating the system again.

So can somebody please suggest me a method, so that every patch & every updated rpm is stored on a particular place on my disk; so that next time if I do a fresh install, I can just update from my disk (if it is possible at all).

N.B. Basically what I want to do is download all the updates onto my disk, then manually apply them at my convenience

Thanks in advance


There was a thread about manually downloading the packages and storing them before the installation:
Interrupted package download question. - openSUSE Forums.
Hope that helps.

You can have a look at the following link

How to save patches & updated rpms? -

saw this and downloaded it for future use, sounds like it could simplify your situation…


Thanks for the links guys…

I have decided to do an rsync of ‘/opensuse/update/11.1/’ directory from one of the mirrors; though it seems far more laborious :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys