How to save a file persistent with PHP on a server

[size=5][size=3]I have created a file by php’s function fopen.
Can I save this file persistent on a server?

Yes, also you can use file_put_contents if you want to explore more.

The issue has been solved by Firefox Customer Service team. I was also getting this issue once when I asked them to solve my PHP server issue and surprisingly the issue was gone. You can surely save the file but if you still want to know more contact them.

I want to save a file persistent on a server which is created by the fopen. Actually, fopen is a function of a php. However, I tried to save it but couldn’t able to save it. I asked microsoft support regarding this issue too. I have also tried to follow the instructions mentioned above but however, it is not working for me. So, please suggest me any perfect way to save the file as it is very important for me to know.

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