How To Run .msi Installer File On Tumbleweed

I am currently trying to install Ableton though wine on Tumbleweed, however I am not sure how to open the .msi installer file to install the program. I opened the file graphically with wine’s msi installer, but nothing seemed to happen. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I know nothing about the app you’re trying to install, but here’s some general advice about installing .msi files…’s_Guide#Running_.msi_files Running .msi files MSI files cannot be run directly; you need to use either Wine’s msiexec program or wine start from a terminal:
wine msiexec /i whatever.msi
wine start whatever.msi

Just in case this is of value to you…

  • Install Wine and Winetricks including all optional dependencies.
  • Run wineboot -u
    , make sure to install Gecko but NOT mono!!> - Run winetricks corefonts vcrun2010 vcrun2013 vcrun2015
    to install some windows dependencies that Ableton likes> - Run winetricks win7
    to run Wine in Windows7 mode.> - Once everything is installed, you can activate Ableton offline with your hardware serialnumber.