How to run matlab under my root directory

Hello everyone:

I am a rookie using Linux system.

Before running the matlab every time, I must go into that directory first, which is usr/local/matlab/r2011a/bin.

Is there a solution for me so that i can type “./matlab” directly under my root directory which begins with my user name?

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You can create a symbolic link. Try this command in your home directory:

ln -s /usr/local/matlab/r2011a/bin/matlab

Verify the link has been created using the ls command and try running matlab the way You wanted.

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No problem. Glad I could help.

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If you look at your path, you will see that you have a bin directory. If you put the link there, then all you would have to do is type matlab.

dave@Hagar:~> echo $PATH

With a link in your home directory, you need to ensure that is where you are at in order to do ./matlab. Or you would have to use a full path, /home/user/matlab.

If the program is in a directory that is in your path, you just type its name.

If you have a .bashrc or .profile in your home directory, you could add the matlab directory to your path instead.

vi .bashrc
Insert line

Dave W