How to run both KDE and Gnome

I prefer the opening screen and features of KDE but want access to Gnome apps also. How do I accomplish that without screwing up my installation?

Install the GNOME apps you need and run them in KDE.

> Install the GNOME apps you need and run them in KDE.

yes, install them with YaST…the first one you install will also
install and setup the “GNOME base system”…but, you never need to
actually run GNOME, you just continue using KDE and call up (say)
Nautilus or Pan as needed…

in fact, i recommend you never actually start up and use GNOME as your
user ID…if you wanna experiment in it, then add a new user and do it
that way…i recommend that because in doing so you never take the
chance of having two or more DIFFERENT systems messing with the
configs in your /home

in the past i’ve had trouble when letting GNOME, KDE3, KDE4, and
others all have access (one at a time of course) to dials, switches
and sliders hidden in my /home’s configs…



Thanks for advice and recommendations. I’ll give it a try with another user ID