How to run a cron script as standard user, but mounting a drive

Wondering what is the easiest/best way to run a cron job as a standard user, but mounting a drive within that script? Currently in fstab as:

UUID=xxxxx /home/External/DataSync/ ntfs noauto,defaults,nosetuids,noperm 0 0


You could

  • Configure sudo to allow it.
  • Configure automount
  • Use ntfs-3g which is FUSE based and should be available to plain user

And what about option user (remove defaults then)…

BTW, I can not find explanations for nosetuids and noperm in man mount.

And I assume that setting uid=, gid= and umask= to those of the user running the script should also be provided.

Umm, ok, once again I stuffed up…
Keep thinking I am mounting this as a network drive (cifs), but obviously it is local…