How to Rip Audio Cds in KDE 4, openSuse 11.1

Some of us are having issues ripping CDs with K3B, or even via the file manager on our KDE 4.2-only systems.

My suggestion is to use Audex, which is a simple but effective CD ripper for KDE4. It does everything most folks would want, has a good “wizard” at first launch to set things up, and appears to be a native KDE application.

I like easy selection of FLAC or three levels of MP3 quality: mobile,good and perfect.

It is available from the Build Service. Search for “Audex” and click on the One-Click installer.

I’m not aware of any such issues and my kde4.2 only is just fine. k3b is easy and quick.
It’s good that you found something that suits you - there is plenty of choice out there.

Don’t be surprised if this thread is moved to chitchat, because it’s not really a question, and I wouldn’t exactly call it a HowTo.