How to revert to the previous graphic card driver/kernel?

As we all know, kernel updates and graphic card updates can sometimes mess up your system beyond repair. So what bugs me is:

  1. Is there any in-built fallback mechanism in openSUSE that enables you to revert to your previous kernel/previous graphic card driver if an update goes bad? Alternatively, is there a way to undo a kernel update/a graphic card driver update?
  2. How is all this related to the YaST System Backup? Specifically: can a non-working system be seamlessly restored to a working state using just System Backup and its stored backups?
    Any replies warmly welcomed!

can all be done via YaST software management.type what you want in the searchbar & then, under versions tab,select an earlier version,et voila! job done


I’m a little late, but wanted to say thanx for the answer!:slight_smile:

Finally summed up all my courage and tried out your suggestion. Unfortunately, as I expected, as soon as I updated the ATI driver, there weren’t any previous versions under the Versions tab anymore. The only version listed is the most recent one (to which I’ve updated). Not even my previously installed one. So, the question still stands: is there a way to revert to a previous driver version (or to a previous version of any installed software, for that matter)? Any suggestions welcome!

If the old version is still in your repositories. While in yast software management,at the bottom right look for the version tab click it and tick the older version that represents your old driver if it is still there and update.

Well, thanx, but that’s exactly the problem: the old version is no longer in the repositories. Maybe I should have saved the old rpm locally, just in case… Luckily, this was merely a proof of concept and my ATI card is still working (although 20% slower than before; let’s hope it’s also 20% less buggy).:wink: