How to revert Thunderbird to previous versoin

I really dislike Thunderbird version 115, I was fine with the previous version but cant find a way to roll back from 115 to (I believe it was) 104. ‘Software Management’ doesn’t have a previous version listed under the version tab for Thunderbird.
How can I accomplish this?

It is still available from history repositories, e.g.

So you can download it and install manually, then lock so it will not update. But keep in mind that as soon as libraries required by Thunderbird get incompatible update, it will either stop running at all (the best case) or will behave incorrectly. It may also block update of dependent packages.

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If you’re going to stick with only one version, you most likely won’t get security updates and bug fixes.

Betterbird 102 is Thunderbird 102 with more bug fixes.

I have moved to Betterbird - download it. It is 102 compatible said is that 102 is last release on 9/26/23.

You cannot go back to 102 if you have used 115 - they changed stuff in the files.

I have daily backups and went back to the last good 102 and reforward those I need from my gmail account.

scroll down for 102 - 115 is on top.

cool, I’ll try betterbird
How do i import/move my TB mail to betterbird?