How to resume on power button only

Dear all,

is it possible to resume from suspend by pressing the power button only?

Currently, the system resumes upon any key press and mouse movement. The first would be OK, but the latter is a nuisance. A related problem: closing the lid when the system is in suspend also wakes it up. I guess, lid action is similar to a key stroke event.

Any help is highly appreciated.

The system is a ThinkPad T14s with Ryzen7 4750U and 32GB RAM.

Maybe the desktop might be of interest. KDE, Gnome, …

Latest KDE Plasma from Tumbleweed repositories - not 100% sure if it’s 5.20 already, or 5.19.

I do resume from suspend to RAM by pressing the power button since many years on all my desktop machines. A second option is hitting any key on the keyboard.

You need to configure UEFI appropriately:

Power On By Mouse:   Disabled
Power On By Keybord: Enabled

Go To System Settings > Power Management > Energy Saving > Button Events handling > When Power Button Pressed: Sleep

This seems to be the key information. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the UEFI boot menu. Is there any other way to set such options?

Get the model:

**erlangen:~ #** inxi -M 
**Machine:   Type:** Desktop **Mobo:** ASRock **model:** Z170 Pro4S **serial:** M86-64000700034 **UEFI:** American Megatrends **v:** P3.50  
           **date:** 06/23/2016  
**erlangen:~ #**

Search for the user manual:

Thanks, unfortunately it seems there is no such option in the UEFI menu.

**ryzen7:~ #** inxi -M 
**Machine:   Type:** Laptop **System:** LENOVO **product:** 20UJS00K00 **v:** ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 **serial:** PC1MRJ0L  
           **Mobo:** LENOVO **model:** 20UJS00K00 **serial:** L1HF09F01EH **UEFI:** LENOVO **v:** R1CET36W(1.05 ) **date:** 06/11/2020

You could try to disable the mouse before suspending and enable it after resuming. I don’t know how to do this, but e.g. my notebook disables the touchpad when attaching a mouse.

That’s a good idea, I’ll follow this path!