How to restore trust in a bluetooth device?

I inadvertently clicked remove trust versus remove pairing in
KBluetooth → Configuration → Paired/Trusted Devices…

How do I clear this?

Using SuSE 10.3


Once you connect the device this option will be enabled from the device.
If your device is for example a mobile phone you can set that trust pair trust relation on the mobile phone device listing … there is always an option to pair and trust devices. Your phone will likelly ask for a code (think about 5-6 numbers for example) you just have to dial the code, and then kbluetooth will also pop-up a windows asking for a matching code. Insert the same numbers as before on the mobile phone and that’s it … devices are paired.
On my Nokia there is a tab to select the device as trusted.
On a Sony-Ericsson (I have a simples model) once I go to the konqueror and make a refresh (F5) on the bluetooth window it just takes a couple of seconds until the phone pop-up a window to make the device trusted.
Then one can navigate the phone.


I am attempting to pair a keyboard, that worked several days ago. When it attempts to pair, it asks for a pin number. After putting in the appropriate numbers, it says it is unable to pair the device.

I think this happening because in an attempt to clear the paired device table, I clicked on “remove trust” instead of “remove pair”. Now when it attempts to pair, it won’t pair because the keyboard is on the do not trust list.

I need to know what file contains this do not trust information, and how to clear it.


Sorry I have not bt devices other then phones.
But from:

I think you could try either:

hidd --search


hidd --connect <baddr>

where <baddr> is the address of the device can be found with a bt scan.

(I thought you where mentioning cell phones …)

Even like that the keyboard should be detected and could be paired and trusted once again.

Also the above documentation may be of some help.

Please try the hci commands and let us know … this is actually very useful.

Also you could modified /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf … although I really do not recommend it. (there is a interface on yast … → hardware ->bluetooth)

(Authentication is made with two programs:
/usr/bin/auth-agent and /usr/bin/passkey-agent, I have not seen any file mentioning where the trusted devs are stored, also HOWTO/Authorization - BlueZ - Trac mentions that the BlueZ deamon keeps a list of trusted devices … I can not now access the site but … lets see … There! If you look at the init scrit of bluetooth /etc/init.d/bluetooth it points to a check on /var/lib/bluetooth, namely on dir var/lib/bluetooth/opd, and the init script empties the dir files older then 3 days.
/var/lib/bluetooth contains several files with the kbluetooth pair/trust data …
My …/opd folder is empty check your to see what is inside …