How to Restore desktop

Hi all,

  I am newbie to openSuse. I installed openSuse 11.3 version. unfortunately i removed the task bar. So I tried to add the task bar widget to the bottom of the desktop. When I add that, all the widgets in the desktop is misaligned and white space covers almost 80 percent of desktop. 

how to restore the earlier desktop that appeared before adding task bar widget?


Console login

Once logged in as you
enter the following

mv .kde4 .kde4-old



You could also open a terminal in your active session (ALT+F2 and write “konsole”, click run)
and then ‘cd’ into .kde4/share/config/, delete plasma-desktop-applet (with rm filename) and relogin.
The standard settings should get applied after this.

Hi caf4926 & zwenny,

thank u so much for your help. I just get my mind to format again. you are such a excellent life savers.


formatting is not necasary in linux… :slight_smile: