How to restore boot theme

My boot process was taking too long to get into Grub, even though my boot time after Grub is very quick. So I tried to change EFI Grub2 to Default Grub2 (presumably BIOS Grub2), and then changed it back to Grub2 EFI (using YaST). Now the boot time is normal, but I lost the Tumbleweed loading theme (Tumbleweed logo with a loading wheel), leaving just the normal boot output. The Grub theme was also lost, but this one I know how to set back. Is there any way to retrieve the boot process theme?

Thanks everyone in advance for the help.

I would not expect the change you made to alter the grub theme. But perhaps your problem is with the plymouth splash theme.

For the grub them, use Yast Boot Loader. Go to the “Kernel Parameters” tab. You can set the theme there. If you click on “Browse”, it should find the installed them.

It was plymouth, thank you. I didn’t know the name of this utility.