How to resize active/primary root partition

I’ve installed OpenSuse 11 and the partitioner partitioned the allocated 10GB space into two 5GB partitions - one root and one /home. Now the 5GB root partition is almost full. So I want to resize the root partition and allocate free space from the /home partition.
When I’m trying to do so from Windows using Acronis Disk Director I’m getting the following message:

"You are about to change parameters of the Ext3 partition.

If this is not a bootable partition, click OK to continue.

If this is a bootable partition, you will need to perform some actions to make it bootable after the partitioning operations. Please be sure you have your Linux boot diskette before clicking the OK button.

In order to make this partition bootable again after partitioning operations are complete, you should:

  • Insert the Linux boot diskette into the floppy drive;
  • Boot your computer from the Linux boot diskette and login as root;
  • If you use ASPLoader as the Linux loader, type /sbin/aspldr
  • If you use LILO as the Linux loader, type /sbin/lilo
  • If you use a different Linux loader, please follow the instructions as described in the software manual for your loader.
  • Reboot your computer and you will be able to boot your Linux again."

So how should I proceed? And if I proceed can I use SuperGrubDisk (Super Grub Disk Webpage) to recover my Grub?

Please suggest.

best to use a livecd like gparted. find it here GParted – Download doing anything to a linux partition from windows is not advised as it can cause all sorts of problems,unless you are using Acronis bootable cd


yup, its always better to manipulate the HDD from outside the operating system.

if you dont have the Acronis disk director bootable cd, you may have to use the GParted live cd or the SystemRescueCD.

after you resize the primary partition, shutdown the system and then switch it on to see if it boots windows first…then you may continue with your linux journey :slight_smile: