how to reset opensuse or reset configuration when reinstall a packet using zypper in cli.

hi. i’m now use opensuse leap 15.1 server. i try to reconfigure server. i don’t want to reinstall operating system. so i try to find how to resetting opensuse. or reinstalling packet, reinstall dependency, and resetting all configuration file.

Which server do you mean? X Server? Web Server? Other server?

What kind of packet did you reinstall, and why?

Why do you want to reset?

Hello, assume you mean package instead of packet. If you want to force re-install a package including default configurations,

zypper in -f package_name

If you want to recover or undo a package installation or change completely and are installed on BTRFS, you can use Snapper to roll back your system partition to before the change.

If your problem is related to a new kernel, you can simply select a previous kernel on boot.


Which of course does not overwrite modified configuration files marked as %config(noreplace).