How to reset kicker and kickoff

How to reset panel in bottom and kickoff menu? I dont want to remove whole .kde4.

by re-set - do you mean add a new one? Or reset to default?

You can delete the one there and just add a new on. But there have been issues with this, getting to stay put and the icons to stay in place too.

New .kde4 is a solution, but a pain I know.

Make a backup of your existing .kde4 (I always keep a copy of a good working one)

I mean reset to default. Creating new .kde4 resets kicker in bottom, but kickoff menu stays the same. I have english and finnish languages mixed now in there so i want to reset it tio default.


I dont have such folder/file

It hidden, view hidden files
It in your /home/username/.

LOL, i know. but i dont have it.

try here