How to reset KDE default destop

  1. I have messed up KDE destop on SUSE 11.2. I have installed Gnome and XFce desktops. I can happily work in Xfce (best on my old machine) or Gnome.

  2. However…
    I want to re-set KDE to original with desktop folder and bottom bar. How to do it?

  3. KDE works ok, Full desktop files downloaded. it is just a messed up desktop no desktop folder no bottom bar. A widgit of a bar to log out and get menu has been set up to work in KDE.

  4. Thank you in advance for any help.

Rename the ~/.kde4 folder.

Go to a terminal (CTRL_ALT-F1)

log in as root

init 3

go top you home folder

cd /home/younamehere

do a ls -l to make sure you are in the right place then

mv .kde4 .kde4.bak

type reboot to restart the machine

This should bring you back to the default desktop configuration.

Many thanks.
I don’t feel comfortable to do rename “/.kde” as I still have KDE desktop default in the failsafe log on.
I assume rename is done as root log on and then a terminal or ?

I have never gone to a state 3 log on, except by faults when it boots into 3 only at start up and I feel slightly not confident at the terminal screen.
I have adjusted widgits in a bar to get back some operational input.

Many thanks.
I am still learning.

init 3 will simply stop the Xwindow system. You don’t want it to be awake while doing brain surgery on it :stuck_out_tongue:

The command line is your friend.

Thanks for this I followed the instructions and it works but what exactly did it do?

Kind Regards


It just removed all the configurations of kde. When you start kde again, it thinks that that specific user is running it for the first time and rebuilds all the default configurations.
Is this what you wanted to know?

Just deleting/renaming ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc does the trick.

Yep, really more simple. :wink:

When I messed up my settings:

I logged out;
I used CTRL-DEL-F1 to get a direct terminal login;
rm -rf .kde4
logout ## from the terminal
CTRL-DEL-F7 - reshowed the desktop login screen
login, and kde treats me as a first-time kde user and reinitializes.

On Sat, 20 Nov 2010 00:06:02 +0530, DaaX <>

> Yep, really more simple. :wink:

not only more simple, much safer. renaming the whole of .kde4 you get rid
of all your contacts, emails, and everything else you did or configured in
KDE applications. sometimes that’s what you want. but to re-set the
desktop, deleting everything plasma* and activity* under
~/.kde4/share/config/ and ~/.kde4/share/apps/ is what you want. this
removes all configurations you’ve made to plasma-desktop, so that the
default is re-created you log in the next time. all other KDE data remains.


I think this is good, except for cancelling the whole .kde4 folder. I prefer to do what please_try_again suggests. Otherwise you get rid of many configurations and even more important things (mail, etc., if you don’t make a backup before).

In my case, I’m not using much that would matter for losing configurations. In particular, I am not using kmail.

But sure, if you have important configurations you want to keep, then be more selective in what is deleted.

I suggested renaming not deleting so you can get any old files back if need be. Also for new users it is generally easier to rename the directory rather then to navigate and remove a specific file.

I recommend Midnight Commander (mc) in a terminal. There is still no better program to navigate and copy/move files between directories. Although some GUI filemanagers, like Krusader, seem to do an acceptable job.

THank you please_try_again. Thank you. (renaming is much less frightening than attemping brain surgery on X)

Meant to say in last email , it worked. Normal bottom bar OK. Thanks.