How to report bugs against a package

How do I submit a bug report for a package in a repository? The FreeIPA-client in security:idm:freeipa needs to be upgraded to the latest release because you can not currently run the client install on tumbleweed.

I can’t see anywhere to bring this up except comment on the package and that doesn’t seem to get any attention.

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@mhurron Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
If you can add a comment, I’m guessing you have a login, if so, you can always branch, update and submit yourself?

If it was as simple as bumping the version number I’d do it, but the package is not simple and it looks like they’ve grabbed specific git revisions instead of just release tags so I have no insight into why that was done.

I can try to figure it out but really, fix every issue you come across yourself is the only way?

@mhurron It’s a simple process… Here is what I did… :wink:

osc bco security:idm freeipa
cd home:malcolmlewis:branches:security:idm/freeipa/
osc service ra
osc ci -m "Updated."
osc r <check build status>
osc sr -m "Updated to new git version."

Or check build status and submit via the web ui (which is what I normally do)…

The openSUSE eco-system is a do-ocrity, leaf packages and ones that exist in development repos always fall into this category, so in a nutshell, if you use and need it and want it fixed, the quick way is to do it yourself.

The package has no maintainer either, so even a bug report may not glean any traction in the short term…

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@hellcp Hi, can you review the freeipa request I submitted for @mhurron ?

That seems like a bigger problem actually.

@mhurron At times yes, but generally most packages have active maintainers. Leaf packages may fall by the wayside at times when not in the distribution…