how to report a bug to bugzilla? (not included in FAQ), I cannot resolve it

want to report a bug via command line (I installed bugzilla). so I did buzilla --help but nothing quite useful ( like where to specify server where I am reporting a bug…) I read this manual on opensuse bugzilla page but still…ml#fillingbugs -but htere is nothing about command line. so I tried on opensuse bugzilla page to click new-> but no create a bug or smth like that. can you recommned some good manual/tutorial how to report a bug and I’d really appreciate if it’d be included in the FAQ - perhaps new user FAQ works for most people. I am not sure what you expect.

In any case, it is advisable to first post your problem here. Often a solution is available, or people can confirm that it is realy a bug, or people can help you creating a good Bug report. And when you then create the report and post the link in such a thread, people can support your report.

As hcvv describes, submitting bugs is usually done through a web interface using a web browser, I don’t know that you can submit or access the bugzilla any other way.

If you are on a machine without a Desktop,

  • I’ve simply sent any logs or other information to either another machine with a Desktop or posted to a repository I own (like Github which doesn’t cost anything), then submitted the bug using the machine running a Desktop and either posting a link to what I uploaded to my repo or submitting copies of what I posted with my bug submission.

  • Although I haven’t actually done it, I suppose it’s possible to install a text web browser like Lynx to submit the bug on a system without a Desktop.

  • Although I haven’t done it and don’t know if it’s worth the time to do so, I suppose it’s possible to create a curl or other command that can do an HTML PUSH or PUT. It would have to contain your credentials and submit your bug into required form fields. If someone wanted to create a non-GUI tool to submit bugs, I assume this would be the way to do it. If someone <really> wanted to do this, I suppose a starting point would be to inspect the string submitted by the existing web page.

If any of the above don’t work for you, maybe you should describe what you want to accomplish, and then suggestions can be posted.


When you install bugzilla, I’m pretty sure you’re installing the <server> only for your private use and not some client.