How to replace GNOME with XFCE?


I recently installed openSUSE on my computer. I selected GNOME during installation but now it’s keyboard shortcuts and touchpad shortcuts are annoying me. Is there any way to get the other desktop environment without reinstalling?

start yast->software management in the groups tab select the desktop you want to install (xfce should be there I don’t use a gtk desktop)
after installation is finished logout, hit the options button to select the desktop you want to use and login again (this depends on the login manager you use I assume gdm
a google search revealed this image that might be helpful

In Yast, I would suggest that you select the “Patterns” view. There should be a pattern for XFCE desktop. Select that. And I think there’s a pattern for XFCE base. You might as well select that, too.

There’s no need to remove Gnome. Once you have XFCE installed, you can select it on the login screen. You might have to search around on the login screen to see where the setting is. After the first login to XFCE, it should remember that as your preferred desktop.

Note: you are probably using GDM to login. If you had only installed XFCE, you would instead be using “lightdm” for login. But either can work just fine as the login screen.