How to reopen a bug report

I filed a bug report, which was closed as fixed. However, there is still a problem. Can I reopen the bug by changing the status button, or is that considered bad form? All I’ve done so far is request that it be reopened.



@Gene_S has the updated package arrived in Tumbleweed yet?

Yes, but as I mentioned in my last comment, it appears that FreeCAD needs to be rebuilt in order to work with the new python3-pyside2 package.


This needs to be a new bugreport as it is another topic as the initial one…
It is common to make a bugreport per problem. Mixing topics into one bug leads to chaos and often to completely unfixed problems…

Thanks, hui. I’ll do that.


@Gene_S yes, and as a Tumbleweed user you should be following the Factory mailing list where FreeCAD was discussed, no report needed it’s under action…

Title: Cura 4 not compatible with Python 3.11 (Re: Snapshot 20230614 updates most of the packages?)

I see above in gmane, but not on ML yet.

Thanks Malcolm, but I read your post after I filed the bug. :frowning: How do I follow the Factory mailing list?


@Gene_S Here:

Thanks! I’m reading it now.


I tried installing FreeCAD today, and the problem is resolved in FreeCAD-0.20.2-5.3.x86_64.