How to remove widget from panel?

Just installed 42.2 today, moving from 13.1. Added the “Application Launcher” to the panel. Decided to remove it, but I can’t find any way to do so. Mouse right-click over the icon give me menu with 4 choices: “Edit Applications”, “Application Launcher settings”, “Alternatives”, and “Panel Options”. “Panel Options” expands to “Add Widgets”, “Add Panel”, “Lock Widgets”, and “Panel Settings”. “Panel Settings” also allows me to Add Widgets. But I don’t see anything, anywhere, that allows me to remove widgets. Also tried long, long, left mouse-click on icon, which only brought up the expected application. Installed KDE help gives no example of removing widgets from panel, only adding them.

Removing widgets from the panel is still possible, correct?

Unlock widgets should do the trick. Right click on desktop then press the 3 bars on the right to get the panels attention then you can remove

Thanks for responding, and thanks for providing an answer. I do have to say something, though. If I had not found another answer to this problem on the Internet, your answer, while 100% correct, would have been meaningless to me, because it lacked some key details. I think that people who are familiar with the KDE way of doing things sometimes don’t realize just how unintuitive it can appear to those who don’t spend a lot of time messing with KDE. I say this as somebody who used KDE 3x and 4x for some time with earlier versions of SUSE – I change the panel once, on initial setup, and then leave it alone as much as possible.

For my future self, then, even if nobody else benefits from this, here is the answer, in extreme detail:

Right-click on the panel, anywhere. If “Unlock Widgets” appears as an option, choose it. Now right-click again. Choose “Panel Options” > “Panel Settings”. A bar will pop up above the panel, with several buttons. Ignore them all. Move the mouse over the widget you want to remove. This will cause a tab with the widget’s name and a red “X” button to appear. Click on the X, and a confirmation should appear that the widget has been removed.