How to remove wallpapers from the system in KDE Suse 11.3?

Right click on desktop gives us the option of “Desktop activity settings”. There is an option of “Get New wallpapers”. But there is no option of Removal of these installed wallpapers.
How can I remove them. Please guide.

If you added wallpapers through “Get new wallpapers” just click on the get new wallpapers button, click the order by installed option and click the Uninstall button for each wallpaper you have installed

Thanks. It was so simple. I has used it in Kubuntu, but had forgotten it.

No problem :wink:

Actually it’s even easier than that.
Merely BROWSE to the folder (the folder icon), locate the images and delete. :wink:
And WATCH OUT for some of these wallpaper sites! YIKES! :shame: