how to remove tumbleweed

one day, i turned on my cyber power gaming laptop, and it booted something called tumbleweed instead of windows

i was using windows 10, and hadn’t upgraded to windows 11

there is no menu to boot into windows

how the **** do i remove tumbleweed? i wanted to go on fortnite and don’t have a ps4 or xbox. also apple banned fortnite and i can’t get an android

my mom works at microsoft and even she couldn’t figure out how to fix my pc

i read you could reinstall windows, but i don’t have a usb handy, and my laptop does not have a cd rom

is tumbleweed a virus?

check here to see if there are removal instructions . . .

Hmmm, if even a microsoft employee can’t fix your Windows machine …

Did you try a MS Windows forum for help?



Tumbleweed does not appear by magic someone must have installed it on purpose. It is possible to install it in multi boot alongside of windows. But if installed replacing Windows, Windows is gone. No fixing it, except just a reinstall.

You can boot to the BIOS and see if Windows is still there

I think you’ve been baited. >:)