How to remove shortcut from kde toolbar (bottom) ver 42.2


Just noticed that a shortcut has appeared at the KDE bottom toolbar (far left). It is to a specific pdf document. Don’t know how it got there, but I want it gone. Can’t see how to do it from the taskbar menu, but I assume it is not complex.

A pointer would be appreciated…

regards – Roger

Suse 42.2

42.2 is LONG SINCE past EOL. Please update to a supported version.

Well, that’s true of course, but doesn’t answer the question, nor will upgrading help with the “problem” (unless he wipes out /home/ as well). :wink:

You can remove “shortcuts” (which are actually standard applets like everything else, e.g. the application menu icon or the pager) by clicking on the configure icon on the far right, and then hovering over the item and clicking the “X” on the popup that appears, or right-clicking on it and Choosing “Remove this xxx”.

That hasn’t changed between 42.2 and 42.3 (which only got a minor bugfix update of Plasma), and not even since 4.x times…

Thanks very much for the answer.

As it turns out, I moved everything on the desktop to a usb hard drive in prep for the upgrade. Later, when I returned home and rebooted the system, the shortcut was gone. Guess it couldn’t find the referred to PDF, so deleted the shortcut. Not optimal, but at least it is gone. Going to upgrade anyway to 42.3.

I will remember how to remove the shortcuts per your suggestion. I expect it will come up again, and deleting/moving the file is a pretty poor way of solving the problem.

regards – Roger

JFYI: One way to create such a “shortcut” is the drag a file from a file manager or the desktop and drop it onto the panel.
Maybe that’s what you did by mistake?

You can lock the widgets (right-click on an empty space on the desktop, or left-click on the toolbox icon in the top-left corner) to prevent any accidental changes, if you like.

Right. Was in a hurry, should have answered that question.:stuck_out_tongue: