How to remove KDE?


I installed 11 RC on my laptop and I chose KDE 3.5 since I have some bad experiences with KDE 4.0 (crashing ALL THE TIME). Anyway I realised that KDE 3.5 wasn’t any better. Tried to watch some avi-films I’ve cough bought and the sound would disappear if I opened Firefox once that session, and when KNodify started crashing I figured I want to go to GNOME instead.

I launched up YAST, and I selected the repositories:
Main Update Repository
Main Repository (NON OSS) and OSS
GNOME Community
GNOME Stable

Then I under Filter selected patterns and I selected GNOME base and desktop. Everything went fine. And now I want to remove KDE (I’m running GNOME). I tried to right click on KDE Base and select Delete, and then click accept but YAST just shuts itself down after like 2 seconds when the screen where you can see the stuff being removed comes.

I tried to remove the other repositories so now it looks like this:
Flickr Photo Download: yast2-000

Didnt work…

Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve run 10.3 with KDE but I removed it after KDE programs started crashing there too and went to Fedora 8 with GNOME. Maybe I just have to do a reinstall?