How to remove hard drive without it complaining

Six months ago I was running out of drive space on my system, so I attached another drive and mounted it, all was fine.

I have since finished with the drive and have removed it from the system.

Now when I boot. I get an error complaining about the missing drive. How can I configure the system to ignore the drive error? I can only boot to a recovery shell till this is resolved.

Thanks in advance.

post result of this from a terminal

cat /etc/fstab

Wow! That was a quick reply.

Yep, /etc/fstab was the problem.

I forgot I had configured the drive to automount (6 Months ago) thus complaining when it could not find the drive.

Removing the offending line from /etc/fstab did the trick.

Many thanks

Figured you would catch on. Well done!