How to remove applications from Application browser in GNOME

Now, here’s my problem. I installed many Windows programs under Wine, and later I just deleted them. But in Application Browser in GNOME, there remained their icons under Wine group. I want to remove them, but in menu, there’s only the possibility to “Uninstall”, and this causes the Application browser to close and nothing else. The icon remains there. So is there any possibility to get rid of these icons of removed programs from Application browser?

Are you talking about the Slab menu or the usual Gnome menu?

The Slab menu.

Hi & welcome!

Typically you will find the wine application items in ones user directory (as wine installs to the user environment as default).

Check /home/<user>/.local/share/applications/

System wide application icons usually get placed in /usr/share/applications

The .desktop files in these folders hold the configuration for the icons. There can also be a png file (icon image) that goes along with it.


Thanks, that was exactly what I wanted.

Perfectly works.