How to remove all texlive packages from command line?

I have a system that I use as a simple media server and it does not need all of the thousands of texlive packages installed.
How can I easily remove all texlive or other desktop publishing packages from the system using the command line?


The package management command on openSUSE is zypper.
It’s extremely flexible and intuitive, and supports Regular Expressions…

Searching for packages, you can specify partial names like

zypper search -i '*text*'

If you can describe your package list sufficiently using the search above, then you can substitute “remove” for “Search” and remove the “-i” parameter that narrows the search to installed (not all) packages
So, for instance if the above search term works for you (unlikely), then

zypper remove '*text*'

You can use the abbreviations “se” for “search” and “rm” for “remove”

You’ll find comprehensive info about other zypper use

zypper --help

And comprehensive documentation

man zypper

There are also plenty of articles written on ways to use zypper on the Internet…


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