How to remove a double named file

Hey All,
Tried the advanced search but to no luck,
My question is using rm or some such command how do I remove a double file like " New File" look through everything I own no explantion.
Thanks in advance


The question isn’t completely clear.

# if the file is named " New File" (without the quotes) use:
rm " New File"
# if the file is named " New File" (with the quotes) use:
rm '" New File"'
# I also tested the following, but it didn't work:
rm "\" New File\""
# if the file is named '" New File"' (with both sets of quotes), use (I didn't test this):
rm "'"'" New File"'"'"
# You can probably also do it with:
rm *New?File*
# though there is a risk that might match more than one file name.

I hope that helps.

Hey nrickert,
Thanks it helped and sorry I sould have explained better!
What had happened someone had created a new file in a samba shared folder called New file.
So used the rm New?file command that worked
but rm New file wont I get a error saying no such file or directory


Either of these will work:

rm New\ file
rm ‘New file’

Reason is the shell uses whitespace as argument separators. Whitespace is acceptable in Linux filenames, but you have to get the whitespace past the command line shell. Of course you can also remove it in a folder browser program.