How to redirect Input to Output Pulse Audio?

I have a TV card connected to my Dish box, and I would like to use it on my computer. The tv card works fine, and the audio is connected to my line in. The audio card receives the audio signal, and I can set the volume and record it without any problem, but I can’t get it to redirect to an output in order to hear the sound. I have been battling with this issue since a kernel update back when 11.2 was about to come out. Back then, the alsa mixer had an option called audio loop-back, which did the trick.
Since I know I ca record the audio and play it back without any problem, is there an application that can do this automatically and simultaneously?

Anybody has any idea?

I had posted this question back when 11.2 came out, then 11.3, and now 11.4… I hope this time somebody has an answer.

I don’t have a nominal openSUSE install that uses pulse, as my most current nominal openSUSE install is openSUSE-11.3 KDE (which nominally does not have pulse). However I have installed openSUSE-11.4 KDE (with pulse) on a test partition and occasionally play with it. I start this post with that qualification, as there may be an easier way to do what I have done in playing with pulse, and I wanted to note/caution that what I have done may in fact be a more difficult way to do things than necessary …

Anyway, you could take a look at this thread starting at around post#4 (although you may find the earlier posts of interest also): Looking (maybe) for audio mixer for use with Pulse Audio and see if there is anything there that you can apply for your purposes. Perhaps if you figure this out you could write a brief guide on it ? :slight_smile: