how to recover my file?


i format a partition, but my book is in that! it’s “.Tex” type. how i can recover that? that’s name have non-English alphabet, and i don’t understand how to use testdisk! (i read , but cann’t understand what i must to do! )

pleas help me…

i need to recover a partition by 5GB data, but my hard is 1TB! if i recover my hard i lost a big time!

I’m very beginner!

First off do nothing with that partition but make a binary copy to another hard drive. Maybe Clonezilla to copy the partition. Don’t mount it or do anything with it until you have it copied. You put anything in it and the chance of recovery is slim. Then work with the copy to try recovery. Testdisk is a good place to start to try the recovery. It might be worth seeking out someone with good computer skills to help if you are the least bit uncertain

Here is a good tutorial