How to reconnect a pppoe internet connection?

I have a ppoe internet connection. I was easier and faster to configure it in Yast than in Windows XP. When I boot it also starts very quicker than MSWin. Great!
But I have some problems.
The provider here sometimes goes through some problems and the connection may disappear and return at any unexpected moment. In Windows there is a icon on system tray that dysplays such information and I know when the connection is gone. It also allows me to try to reconnect manually. Where do I find these information on Opensuse here do I manage to reconnect.
In Windows it was also possible to set the connection to re-dial automatically when it was out. It was very useful if it failed in the middle of a download, the system reconnected and the download manager retried until download resumed.
Is there some way to adjust opensuse to reconnect automatically when connection fails or some software that does it?
Furthermore, is there a good download manager that works in Opensuse that pause, accelerates downloads and retries when connection fails?

There is a setting in Yast>Modems
“How the interface should connect?” Automatically| Manually|Off
And a checkbox for “Dial on Demand”.
(Believe these are defaults?)
I use Conky to show if the connection is active though knemo would do as well.

Kget is simple to use for downloads.
DownThemAll works well for Firefox and is multi threaded if thats how you roll.

It may look foolish but I never chose “Dial on demand” because I don’t know how I can demand when I want to dial. I chose “at boot time” because I found it pratical that system connects automatically after boot. How “Dial on demand” works? And I set up my connection in Yast / DSL not Yast / Modem. Under DSL I didn’t see the “Automatically” option. You were very kind trying to help me even attaching an image to do so. But can you explain better how these options work and how do I use them?

Ok. It is not solved at all. I didn’t find a way to make pppoe reconnect automatically. But I have found a small application that helps to do so manually. Qinternet. I installed it and placed a command for it in session applications of Gnome. Now when I start the connection icon is there on system tray allowing me to monitor and control the connection.