how to reach #suse on windows

HEllo people,
does anyone know how to reach #suse on windows<via mibbit >if possible.

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Well thanks…could you tell how to register my nickname the format given is not accepted in the channel #suse

Noks28, I did a search for “irc register nick command” in google and found this link as the top hit: NewNet IRC Network
which gives this:

/msg NickServ REGISTER [password]

… here is how one does such a search: Let me google that for you

what does it mean by #suse:cannot send to channel

It seems someone has set register flag on #suse which only allows people who have registered and identified themselves to talk - this is due to exploit bot spamming that has been going on lately.

About the nick registration and identification:
freenode: frequently-asked questions

i am a noob with xchat…could u consider telling me…hw do i register …whenevr i use the so called nickserv command…i get
#suse:cannot send to channel