How to re-enter credentials for Google Drive in file managers?


Whenever I click the Google Drive in file manager I get the error: “Unable to access “email”(new line)Invalid credentials for email”. I’d like to correct this by re-entering my credentials, but I’m not given the option to and I can’t figure out how I’m meant to. File managers I know have this issue are GNOME Files, Nautilus and PCManFM. Is there a way to do this?

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Replace Nautilus with Nemo, sorry^

This might be related to your Google security settings. Depending on how they are set, you may need an application password ( different from your google password )
Another option is to look in ‘Online Accounts’.

Have you checked with Seahorse?

Well Knurpht may have been right, as editing the password in Seahorse didn’t fix this issue. Then I disabled two-factor authentication (which I thought was getting in the way) for my account, restarted PCManFM and I’m still getting this issue.