How to quit properly with Konqueror as ftp client ?


I use Konqueror as a ftp client. It works all right but I’m wondering:

With the ftp command I quit by typing “quit” (or “bye” or “exit”) and the server confirms that it’s OK.

If I just close the Konqueror window, does it close the ftp session the same way, properly? If not, how to close it properly?




last time I checked, it didn’t. The server didn’t notice that I closed the client and I could reconnect with konqueror without entering the password again. Try it yourself.


Thank you Buckesfeld,

That’s what I was afraid of. Hope it is not a too big security hole. Of course, in paranoiac mode it would. But in the real/usual world, I guess/hope it’s not?

By the way: What other ftp client would you recommand if a clean end of session is needed? Kbear? Classic ftp commands in a (K)onsole ? Other ?


Other ftp clients include filezilla and gftp. See what you like.

I would have thought you could just tweak the kioslave kio_ftp or add
an option to a kio_ftprc for a shorter timeout?

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Worth a try but web browsers running as ftp clients are always problematic since there is no clearly delimited start and end of session, as browsers attempt to make ftp URLs feel like http URLs. Too low a timeout and the user is prompted again. Too high and you have the current situation. Worse still if the browser saves the session state in between runs. Even worse if the ftp access is via a proxy in which case it’s the proxy that hangs onto the session state. Complicating this is that the ftp server often timeouts sessions too.

Doesn’t Konqueror have a clear authenticated sessions button like Firefox? Tools > Clear Private Data

On 11/11/2008 ken yap wrote:
> Other ftp clients include filezilla and gftp. See what you like.

I use gftp, because it is a nice GUI for scp, too. AFAIK Filezilla can’t do this.


Thanks everybody.
Now I understand that Konqueror, like all the browsers, is not the right answer.
I’m using Filezilla only when under MS Windows. I failed to find it as a rpm for Suse and tired of compiling from sources (programing computers is not my job, I’m just a user)
I used to run Kbear, but I’m afraid it’s not maintened anymore?
Ftp command lines were fine after all, maybe I will come back to those old days.
But I will try this gftp first.
Thanks again for the advices.


zypper search filezilla

found it. It even seems to be a SUSE RPM rather than third-party RPM. This is 11.0 with the standard repos.