how to put shell program on plasma

I want to put a shell program (such as Thunderbird mail) onto the plasma desktop. How do I do that in Suse 11? In Suse 10.2 with the “regular desktop”, I could just create a link on the desktop to the shell program. But Plasma desktop doesn’t seem to let me do that. Dragging the shell program to the desktop gives a ? and doesn’t run the shell program.

Which desktop environment are you using?

I know KDE 4.0 had a lot of problems with desktop shortcuts, but that’s been fixed in KDE 4.1

Right click on the desktop and select unlock widgets. Now click on the main menu icon (geeko in left bottom corner) go to the corresponding application in the Applications menu, right click on it and select add to desktop.

Thanks. I can’t test your solution because I had to go back to using KDE3 because today’s update broke KDE 4. Get the “could not start kdeinit4” message now on boot.

Maybe eventually KDE 4 will be usable for the masses. It was nice the 3 days it worked.