how to prevent sleep

hey guys!

tested out a few distros and settled on Suse 15.
running Kde and everything is great so far, seems to be pretty solid on day 2. very smooth distro so far, quite happy. didnt really need any bash until samba setup - nice!

the only thing that’s bothering me is sleep and preventing sleep based on CPU usage or any other method while encoding video.

ive tried systemd-inhibit ffmpeg -i ****
and googling some random apps like caffeinate (some random error) another app core dumped after make install…

has anyone managed to get sleep prevention under control? please share with me

ideally it would be awesome if sleep could be prevented if CPU usage is high but anything that works will do

thanks in advance

Which desktop environment are you using?

He says “Kde”, you probably missed that used as you are to “KDE”. lol!

And yes, that is in what looked like a “small talk” paragraph. Those that we like to skip to get to the real problem description.

Thanks Henk. Yes, I did miss the “Kde”. :slight_smile:

Desktop or laptop? In any case, check the power management settings in System Settings.

To @everybodies,
As you see your way of communicating can create confusion. Remember that uper/lower case does matter in Unix/Linux and that that also counts for those who live with such operatring systems. :wink:
Also you fail to start sentences with uper case characters. All those things do not make your post realy easier to read and understand. People here are volunteers spending their spare time in trying to help others. Please do not make it more difficult to understand you then needed.


such low quality in replies.

and check power settings from a global moderator?


i might stick to Suse but find a different forum.

and to the dude complaining about lack of caps:
eat my shorts!