How to post a question in the forum

How to post question in this forum

first: -=WELCOME=- new poster

Ok, i’ll take that as a question and provide a stub of an answer (which others can expand on, if they wish, in this “How to/FAQ Forum” where questions should NOT be asked):

  1. Begin by looking at the web page to help you decide which language you wish to use. Several are available but i have read that the English language forums are the most populated and may bring the quickest answers. If English is not your favorite language just do the best you can, and you might find help from Google Translate

  2. Once you have chosen a language then choose the best sub-forum in that language to place your question. For example: the English language forums English offer a variety of sub-forums organized by topics such as Install/Boot/Login; Applications; Multimedia; Games; Hardware; Laptop; and many others. It is important to try to place your question in the correct sub-forum because many volunteer helpers specialize and read only in those sub-forums where they might be helpful–and, avoid all others.

  3. Having picked the best language and sub-forum, next (once logged in with your ID/Pass), click to the opening page for the sub-forum you wish to post to, and find the big blue “+Post New Thread” button near the top of the page, and click it. A new page opens, and it is very important to compose a thread title which fits your question. What you want to do is attract the attention of those helpers who might know how to help with your problem. So, if you write just “HELP ME PLEASE!!” it is impossible to know without opening your thread what the problem is, or which experts need to look in. Be concise, clear but descriptive.

  4. Once the title is right, move to the compose pane and type in your question. It is important here to help us help you. We can’t see your screen and can’t know anything about your problem if you don’t tell us. We always need to know the version of openSUSE you are using and almost always need to know the Desktop Environment (DE) you are using [like: KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Xfce, or others]. If you leave out that most basic information you just slow down the whole process and sit and wait until someone asks you to fill in the blanks. And, there may be many many blanks to fill in, like: what is your hardware (CPU, amount of RAM, brand/model of laptop, graphics setup, etc etc etc etc)

Those are the basics (and i’m tired of typing), but there are a LOT of great tips i have not put in, so i’ll suggest the new poster should review every word of “How To Ask Questions The Smart Way” here How To Ask Questions The Smart Way before typing their first question.

This is in the wrong subforum.
This is the Unreviewed Howto and FAQ where it says clearly at the top:

This forum is NOT for asking questions, but contains submissions to be reviewed and potentially moved to the How To/FAQ area. …

This is CLOSED and will be moved to Forums Fedback > How to use the forums? subforum.

> others can expand on

  • when copying and pasting information from a
    terminal/konsole/command line interface (CLI) or x-term use the
    following method as it will present the information to potential
    helpers in the correct format

  • read the forum’s Frequently Asked Questions section, here

  • recognize that all the helpers here are volunteers! no one is
    getting paid to help you, or anyone else…so, ‘asking’ instead of
    ‘demanding’ an answer will help us help you

  • this is a worldwide forum, at any time of the day or night (where
    you are) the volunteer guru you really need to read your post and
    answer your questions may be asleep, on vacation, at work, or playing
    with her two year old… so, have some patience…

  • if you feel you must have immediate assistance you could try
    Internet Relay Chat (IRC)…because there you might find someone
    who can help and who is awake and ready to try. if you are not
    familiar with IRC then you should read this first: and then

openSUSE®, the “German Engineered Automobile” of operating systems!

Moved from How to/FAQ and open again.

Dear vsasikiran,

I do not quite understand your question. As you started this thread (and another) thread, it can not be a technical question.

Can you explain better what you want to know about the Forums?

A good set of instructions to a first time poster.

Might I also suggest…

Searching the Forum
Before posting, if the User <really> wants a quicker answer, before posting he can search the forum for any earlier posts relating to his question.

Searching a specific forum is a bit hidden and not obvious.
To the far right of the page, directly above Last Post By you should see “Search Forums” in pale green.
Type your search keywords and click “Enter” on your keyboard.