How to play audio CD on insert

Hi there,
I am running opensuse 12.3 and am wanting to insert an audio CD and have it play using kaffeine or amarok automatically.
At the moment when I insert it the device notifier pops up and i need to select the action (eg play with kaffeine).

Is there a way to override this for audio CDs ?

Now, as many people, you forgot to tell which desktop you use. I assume KDE because you talk aboout Kaffeine. I hope that is correct, else I have spoilt my time.

I never thought about this before. But your post made me to right click on the Device Notifier (isn’t that an obvious thing to try?). This gives a menu which has Configure Device Notifier (or similar, I have a Dutch translation). Using that I get a window which offers me Device Actions and there there are all the possible actions to be clicked and to be edited. I hope you can continue from this point on with some trial and error yourself.

If all is well, you now have an entry for Kscd to open audio-cd’s in KDE’s Systemsettings - Device actions.
Click this item, click Edit
Replace “Kscd” in title with “Amarok”
Replace the command “kscd -s” by

amarok --cdplay

, click OK. Now insert an audio-cd in the drive and see the magic happen.

Ah, that is the same config window I reached in my trial. But you show what to do there. Several ways to reach the same result.

BTW, I think he wants to use Kaffeine, not Amarok, but that is a detail.