How to ping between guest oss

i am doing a project in which i have to use xen to create virtualised environment.I have already done this.
now i am using the following setup

host os :- opensuse 11.1with ip and with aliasing ip
guest os1:- opensuse 11.1 with ip
guest os2:- opensuse 11.1 with ip
guest os3:- fedora 8 with ip
BY using host os i am able to ping each and every guest os.
by using guestos1 i am able to ping host os with both the ips

but by using guestos2 i am able to ping host os with ip but i am not able to ping

i want to ping guestos1 with guestos2 and viceversa.
how is that possible?

Please someone reply.

ping <ip_address>

Eg from your list


i am using command ping <ip address> to ping.
But the problem is i am able to ping guest to host and vice versa but not from guest to guest.

Actually we have configure host os(dom 0) as router. so that data from one guest os should pass through dom 0 to other guest os.

Please give solution for this

I’m using a Ping tool, it’s better than command ping, you can try it. It’s free.