How to permanently unistall KdePim

When I did this install of tumbleweed, in something of a hurry after a mega-crash, I chose KDE as my desktop, but I couldn’t find an option to only install plasma (which is what I wanted).

I don’t want a lot of the KDE apps that were installed with it - KDEPim in particular. I have tried uninstalling both all the packages and the pattern associated, but every time KDE does an update it re-installs KDEPim

How do I stop this happening - I just want Plasma desktop and the KDE apps I choose, many of which I like and want to use. Thunderbird does everything I need in the PIM department.

If I could get rid of Akonadi and Baloo as well, this would be a bonus…

Taboo packages that you do not want installed as “recommended”.

Either using YaST > Software > Software Management >Search for the package and at right click on the checkbox and make your choice.

Or zypper, see man zypper chapter Package Locks Management.

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