How to patch my non-internet facing Suse 9.0 servers

I have a real problem. I have 9 servers all running Suse 9.0, (kernel version 2.4.21-99). They are not internet facing, and they cannot ever be internet facing. I am under pressure to patch them all as none have ever had any patches applied.

My plan was to use my copy of Suse 9.0 and build a different machine, put this on the internet, and use YasT to download all patches and then create a patch CD - easy I thought…

My copy of Suse 9.0 is broken !!! So, I have no way of building a separate box, and no way of hooking my existing servers up to the net to download anything. I’ve looked everywhere to try and find a new copy of Suse 9.0, to no avail. So, does anyone have any ideas about how I could patch these servers ? (or where I can find an ISO for Suse 9.0 ?)

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lost the reply while the thread was moved and in between I sent a PM to the thread starter:

You can get 9.0 distro suitable for ftp,
http, nfs, smb or hard disk install from:

See the README from here:

x86_64 is available there also as the updates, though you’ll have to fiddle with the YOU server and path to get it working.

Good luck.