How to partition my HDD to install openSUSE + Windows 7?

Hi. I am almost newbie at Linux OS, but I want to install openSUSE. Unfortunately I have some programs which probably will not work on Linux, so I want to have a Windows 7, just in case. I will partition my 250 GB HDD as follows:

  1. openSUSE partition/s (… GB)
  2. Windows 7 system partition (100 MB)
  3. Windows 7 partition (30 GB)
  4. My files’ partition (the rest unallocated space) - I wish both OS’s to read this partition, that’s why it will be NTFS.

I would like to know how many and how big the openSUSE partition/s should be. Could it be installed on one partition, or it requires separate swap, root, etc. ones?
Does those NTFS partitions slow down openSUSE?
I am using laptop.
Thank you.

start here:

additionally, there are several discussions in these fora on the
pitfalls of using ntfs for /home…don’t do it!

you can have an ntfs partition which can be accessed from either Win7
or Linux, but it should not be your /home but rather a separate data
partition…done that way it will not slow openSUSE…however, if you
try to make it your /home, it will seriously affect, maybe murder, your

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You can have everything in one partition, including swap. You would use a swap file in this case instead of a swap partition. It pretty much depends on how and if you can partitionate your disk. 40 GB for openSUSE would be fine and the rest for your NTFS partition. You can create a 2 GB separate swap partition during setup or create a swap file at a later point. You can mount your ntfs partition for example in /data under Linux. As already said, don’t use it for /home!

I installed openSUSE. The setup converted the 40 GB partition into extended one, and put swap, root and home partitions inside. Clever setup :slight_smile: I like this OS a lot and I will do almost all my jobs on it.
Thanks for your help.

On 06/04/2011 03:06 PM, MoDz91 wrote:

> I like this OS a lot and I will do almost all my jobs on it.


go slow making changes…the more you change the more likely you fluff
it up…

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