How to partition and mount hard drive


It’s me again, so I have a 2TB internal hard drive which is currently unpartitioned and unmounted. I would like to store data on it. How do I do that? I know how to make a partition with YaST. and now I need to mount it somewhere, but where and how?


The YaST partiton manager allows you to select a drive choose some empty space, create a partition and specify a filesystem to format it with and choose a mount point.

The mount point has to be on a mounted filesystem, but apart from that is up to you. E.g. you could

sudo mkdir /Data1

before using the partition manager, and then choose ‘/Data1’ as the mount point.

If your PC is only used by yourself, I suggest as a matter of convenience the 2TB disk’s mount point be somewhere in /home/me/, such as /home/me/disk/ rather than e.g. /data/. The result should mean fewer mouse clicks when accessing it.

That is also in that same module of YaST.

Maybe you are confused by the fact that a number of often used directories are offered there as possibilities, but you can type there every other directory path you like. When that directory does not already exist, YaST will even create it for you.