How to package multiple AppImages from the same build?


I’m trying to package OpenRA from the latest commit on the bleed branch of its GitHub repository. When OpenRA is built from source it produces six binaries (in /usr/bin) and six desktop configuration files (in /usr/share/applications), I’d like to package three of them (as the other three are just for handling servers) in three separate AppImages. The problem is how to do this using the one YAML file (i.e. appimage.yml). If using the one YAML file isn’t possible, I’d like to at least produce the three AppImages from the one build. In the mean time while I wait for help with this (as I expect help to take a while as some of my previous AppImage queries have taken a while to get a response) I may create three separate OBS packages named openra-ra, openra-cnc and openra-d2k and do three separate builds.

Thanks for your time,